Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ayurveda-The Best Cure For Addiction

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional medicine practiced worldwide as a form of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit the word ayurveda composes of the words "ayus" meaning life and "veda" meaning science. Ayurveda can assist in curing addictive behaviours and falls under the topic madatya which means intoxication.

Madatya is the state of symptoms that occur due to the repetitive or high dosage of intoxicating substances.

In Ayurveda, every disorder relates to the aggravation of the doshas (prakruti)which refers to the way the elements manifest in a person. The abuse of drugs can aggravate one or more doshas.

The doshas consists of the following elements

Pitta-"Fire with a bit of water"
Kapa-"Earth with a bit of water"

The Addiction causes the following symptoms to manifest

  • Pitta Aggravation-May cause a burning sensation in the stomach and digestive problems. The person may experience diarrhea, eye redness, fever, thirst, excessive sweating and may develop aggression and violence.
  • Vata Aggravation-the user may develop symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, constiption, hallucinations, headaches, mood swings, and difficulty breathing.
  • Kapha Aggravation-the user may become lethargic, experience nausea and vomiting and cycles of excessive sleep
These symptoms can result from the use of addictive subtances such as barbituates, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, canibis, opium, and nicotine.

The use of Indian Herbs can help alleviate some of these symptoms and cure the addiction.